Conference Facilities

The Ministry of National Defence of the Republic of Lithuania

Its mission consists of: "Implementation of joint policy with NATO, cooperation with foreign countries in defence sector, representation of Lithuania by coordination of international humanitarian law, management of national defence and security financial resources, army provision with armament, equipment and other resources, implementation of personnel management policy, preparation of military reserve, administration of compulsory military draft, preparation of society for civil resistance, planning national mobilisation. 

The conference will take place in the Ministry of National Defence of the Republic of Lithuania,  ORŠA hall on 14-16 of October 2020. 

Location: Totorių St. 25,  LT-01121 Vilnius, Lithuania.



Ministry of National Defence of the Republic of Lithuania Orša Hall

The conference venue is the main building of the Ministry of National Defence (Totorių st. 25/3). It is a three-storey building integrated into Totorių and Benediktinių streets' corner, arranged in a L-shaped plan, and now reflects the style of historicism. The main façade is decorated with a chic portico. The building has many authentic 17th-century remains. The most beautiful vaulted halls mark the Baroque period formed during the Novitiate period in the 17th century. The building is located in Vilnius Old Town, near the former walls of the city.

Taking photos is not allowed. Pre-registration is required. 

It is necessary to bring your passport or ID card.