The conference invites practitioners and researchers to discuss important issues related to current and future challenges to European defence capabilities and to collect great innovative ideas for future development. Also, an important contribution is made to defence innovation. The conference aims to attract the attention of the Lithuanian society and increase the attention of the international political community and the U.S. and European decision-makers to the security of the Baltic region. 

The aims of CNDCGS-2020 were to share the latest topical information on the issues of national defence in a contemporary geopolitical situation. The papers in the Proceedings Book presented the following areas:

> Defence Technologies and Aviation;
> Cyber Threats and Security Issues;
> Democracy, Contemporary Threats and Warfare;
> Modern Technologies and Social Sciences;
> Multi-Criteria Decision-Making;
> Sustainable Defence Solutions;
> The Impact of New Defence Technologies on Humans;
> Defence Technologies: Education and Training;
> Environmental Issues and Modern Technologies;
> Challenges to Face New Defence Technologies.

The invitations to the CNDCGS-2020 include the instructions on the preparation of reports, abstracts and manuscripts as well as the deadlines for the reports.

Proceedings book can be downloaded >>>HERE