Challenges to National Defence in Contemporary Geopolitical Situation  2018

The first international conference "Challenges to National Defence in Contemporary Geopolitical Situation" (CNDCGS` 2018) was held during April 25th-27th, 2018 at the PABRADE TRAINING AREA, Lithuania.

The CNDCGS-2018 conference was organized by the General Jonas ┼Żemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania, Kaunas University of Technology in cooperation with the National Defence Foundation and Lithuanian Riflemen's Union.
The CNDCGS-2018 brought together practitioners and researchers to discuss important issues related to current and future challenges to European defence capabilities and helped to collect great innovative ideas for future development. Also, essential contribution was made to defence innovation. The conference attracted a significant attention of the Lithuanian society and increased the international political community, U.S. and European decision-makers' awareness of the Baltic region security.                                                                    The CNDCGS-2018 aimed at sharing the latest information on the national defence issues in the contemporary geopolitical situation. The primary goal was to present the highest quality research results on different aspects of defence. 

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