Challenges to National Defence in Contemporary Geopolitical Situation   2020        14-16 October, VILNIUS, LITHUANIA

International Conference and Live Firing Show`2020

The 2nd International Conference Challenges to National Defence in the Contemporary Geopolitical Situation (CNDCGS-2020) is an international forum for the exchange of innovative ideas in the domain of military technology and society security. The CNDCGS-2020 will be aimed at sharing the latest information on the national defence issues in the contemporary geopolitical situation. The primary goal will be to present the highest quality research results on different aspects of defence. The main areas covered in plenary sessions included sustainable defence solutions, defence technologies, environmental issues, modern technologies, multi-criteria decision-making, and other relevant topics related to specific challenges to the European defence in the contemporary geopolitical situation. The scientific conference program this year will not be accompanying the Live Firing Show 2020.  The unique event which grants defence industry the ability to execute a live demonstration of their weaponry and equipment, and is the only event of its type in all of Europe will be held in 2021

Scope of the CNDCGS 2020


Prof. Žilvinas Bazaras, Kaunas University of Technology (LITHUANIA)

Prof. Svajonė Bekešienė, Military Academy of Lithuania (LITHUANIA)

Maj. Ph.D. Klára Cibulová,  University of Defence (CZECH REPUBLIC)

Prof. Eugeniusz Ciesliak, University of Military Technology (POLAND)

Prof. James Edward Groccia, Auburn University (USA)

Col. of the General Staff. Assoc. Prof. Vladan Holcner, University of Defence (CZECH REPUBLIC)

Prof. Martin Holmberg, Swedish Defence University (SWEDEN)

Prof. Volodymyr Hutsaylyuk, Military University of Technology (POLAND)

Prof. Šárka Hošková-Mayerová, University of Defence (CZECH REPUBLIC)

Prof. Algimantas Fedaravičius, Kaunas University of Technology (LITHUANIA)

Assoc. Prof. Cristina Flaut, Ovidius University (ROMANIA)

Prof. Jan Furch, University of Defence (CZECH REPUBLIC)

Assoc. Prof. Saulius Japertas, Kaunas University of Technology (LITHUANIA)

Prof. Aušrius Juozapavičius, Military Academy of Lithuania (LITHUANIA)

Prof. Fabrizio Maturo, University of Campania (ITALY)

Prof. Miroslaw Minkina, University of  Natural Sciences and Humanities (POLAND)

LTC Ing. Vlastimil Neumann, Ph.D. University of Defence (CZECH REPUBLIC)

Dr. Soili Paananen, Finnish National Defence University (FINLAND)

Prof. Audronė Petrauskaitė, Military Academy of Lithuania (LITHUANIA)

Assoc. Prof. Rolanda Kazlauskaite-Markelienė, Military Academy of Lithuania (LITHUANIA)

Col. Dr. R. Kostrow, Military Institute of Armament Technology (POLAND)

Prof. Rasa Smaliukienė, Military Academy of Lithuania (LITHUANIA)

Prof. Lucjan Śnieżek, Military University of Technology (POLAND)

Dr. Irena Tušer, AMBIS College, (CZECH REPUBLIC)

Assoc. Prof. Alena Vagaská, Prešov Technical University of Košice (SLOVAK REPUBLIC)

Prof. Ing. Zdeněk Vintr, CSc. University of Defence (CZECH REPUBLIC)

Col. Assoc. Prof. Dimitar Yankov Dimitrov, Ph.D. Rakovski National Defence College (BULGARIA)


Chairman:   Prof. Svajonė Bekešienė (Military Academy of Lithuania), 

Vice-Chairman:  Prof. Audronė Petrauskaitė (Military Academy of Lithuania),

Vice-Chairman: Assoc. Prof. Rolanda Kazlauskaite-Markelienė (Military Academy of Lithuania),

Secretary:  Assoc. Prof. Jolanta Sabaitytė (Military Academy of Lithuania), Jolanta.


Ltn. Col. Linas Idzelis (Lithuanian Armed Forces)

Ltn. Col.  Leonas Lukoševičius (Lithuanian Armed Forces)

Ltn. Col.  Valerijus Šerelis (Training and Doctrine Command)

Assoc. Prof. Vidmantė Giedraitytė (Military Academy of Lithuania) 

Assoc. Prof. Dalia Prakapienė (Military Academy of Lithuania)

Assoc. Prof. Vytautas Isoda (Military Academy of Lithuania)

Roberta Šiaudvytytė (Military Academy of Lithuania)

Assoc. Prof. Nikolaj Dobržinskij (Military Academy of Lithuania) 

dr. Vladas Tumalavičius (Military Academy of Lithuania) 

Andrius Tekorius (Military Academy of Lithuania)

Tomas Gadišauskas (Military Academy of Lithuania)